Parliamentary Investigative Committees

Parliamentary Investigative Committees are the investigation and self-information body of the German federal parliament, Deutscher Bundestag, and the parliaments of the several states. Under federal and state law, the Parliamentary Investigative Committees hold comprehensive rights of investigation and intervention against federal and state authorities, but also against private entities (individuals, institutions and companies). Investigative Committees are typically accompanied by a high level of media attention. Over the last 20 years, the law governing Parliamentary Investigative Committees has developed into a special subject matter in its own right. Krause & Kollegen has almost thirty years of experience in providing support and advice in connection with Investigative Committees at both federal and state level.


  • advise and represent individuals, authorities, institutions and companies in connection with Parliamentary Investigative Committees
  • advise federal and state authorities on Parliamentary Investigative Committees relating to them and on requests for evidence by such committees
  • accompany and advise witnesses when they are interviewed in Parliamentary Investigative Committees

We have acted in an advisory capacity in connection with a number of Parliamentary Investigative Committees, for example in the recent past:

  • Maut (Federal Parliament)
  • External advisors/Federal Ministry of Defense (Federal Parliament)
  • Amri (Federal Parliament, State Parliament)
  • NSA (Federal Parliament)
  • Cum/Ex (Federal Parliament)
  • NSU (Federal Parliament, various State Parliaments)
  • Hypo Real Estate (Federal Parliament)
  • Eurohawks (Federal Parliament)
  • Airport BER (State Parliament Berlin)
  • P+S Shipyards (State Parliament Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
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